Tekken 7

Street Fighter’s Akuma joins the Tekken 7 roster

The rising trend of having characters from one fighting game universe guest star in another continues with Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7. A new trailer for the game reveals that Street Fighter’s Akuma will be entering the latest King of Iron Fist tournament.

The trailer explains why Akuma is being added into the game from a story perspective. Kazumi Mishima, the pure-hearted wife of series villain Heihachi Mishima (who himself guest starred in the PlayStation 2 version of Soul Calibur 2), is seen beseeching a mysterious fighter to kill Heihachi before his thirst for power engulfs the entire world in destruction and chaos. The fighter, having a debt he owes to Kazumi, agrees. At the trailer’s midpoint, the fighter is revealed to be none other than Akuma.

The trailer also includes footage of Akuma showing off his Tekken-style move-set as he wails on, who else, Heihachi. Several other fighters can be seen duking it out as well, including returning combatants Dragonov, King, and Asuka.

Akuma’s addition to Tekken 7’s roster is interesting for two reasons. The first is because, so far, Akuma has not been announced as part of the roster for the upcoming Street Fighter 5 (though he could be added in later as DLC). The second is because it suggests that the Street Fighter and Tekken series’ are set in the same universe.

Tekken 7 is currently only available at arcades in Japan, with no word yet on whether the game will eventually come to consoles and/or North America. You can watch the full trailer, titled “Fated Retribution,” below.