Starcraft 2: Terrans take a step back with latest update

Since StarCraft 2 has been out for a considerable amount of time, most of the changes we see in each patch are largely focused on the co-op modes. But with the recent balance update, we’re seeing some minor, albeit important, changes to multiplayer.

Dialing down the Terrans

Terrans are getting two changes that can only be considered nerfs – if you play Terran. The Reaper’s ability, KD8 Charge, has a 7 second cooldown, which will now be increased to 14 seconds. This will fundamentally change how Terrans play in the early game with their Reaper harassment. Zerg players will now have an easier time of getting a surround, without losing ten Zerglings and a Queen.

If you doubt the effectiveness of this strategy for Terrans, you can check out ByuN’s reaper control during IEM. It wasn’t just at IEM either; ByuN also won one of his games during the global finals last year using Reaper grenades.

Widow Mines are also getting hit with a nerf. This one is geared towards the PvT matchup, however. With reduced splash damage on shields, Protoss armies will have an easier time recovering from the random mine hits that can currently cripple certain army compositions.

Zerg are also getting a few changes. The Hydralisk is getting some more health, possibly making it more viable against Skytoss, and able to survive a little longer against Siege Tanks.

However, the Corruptor is receiving the biggest change. With the increase to their overall movement speed and their acceleration, the Corruptor should be able to engage other air forces in fairer matchups. No longer will Vikings and Phoenixes be able to kite them so easily.