Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: How to find all the Health Stim Canisters

Of all the existing games and game genres that influenced Respawn Entertainment’s newly released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one of the most surprising is undoubtedly the Souls-like genre. Much like in Dark Souls and its ilk, players in Fallen Order can only recover lost health by either resting at a meditation site (respawning all nearby enemies in the process) or using one of their limited supply of health stim canisters.

Once all of their stim canisters are used up, a player must rest at a Meditation Circle to replenish their stock, and at the start of the game they can only carry two canisters at a time. Thankfully, as with comparable items like Dark Souls’ Estus Flasks, there is a way to increase the player’s total stim canister capacity. In this guide, we’ll explain how players can increase their stim canister inventory limit and where they can find every extra stim canister in Fallen Order.

Boxed In

As players explore each of Fallen Order’s planets, they’ll inevitably find crates which can be ransacked for items. In most cases, these items are just cosmetic unlocks, adding something like a new outfit color for protagonist Cal Kestis or a new style of lightsaber hilt to the player’s inventory. However, if a player happens to spot a yellow crate, they’ll definitely want to open it.

Yellow crates contain stim canister upgrades which increase a player’s total canister capacity by one. Since they’re so valuable, yellow crates are also appropriately rare, with each planet having no more than one or two on average. In most cases, these crates are also tucked well out of the way and/or require that the player first solve an environmental puzzle to reach them.

Below, we’ve detailed the locations of every stim canister upgrade in the game, grouped by planet. There’s a total of eight upgrade crates to find, which means players can carry a maximum of 10 stim canisters (counting the two they begin the game with) if they manage to locate every one.

Zeffo  (4 Health Stim Canisters)

Even though Fallen Order players technically visit Bogano before Zeffo, both of the Bogano stim canister crates require that they first gain an ability or upgrade. The first crate on Zeffo, however, doesn’t require any additional abilities or items, just a pair of keen eyes. Players who want to obtain every stim canister upgrade will be returning to Zeffo frequently since it has the most upgrade crates of any planet, four in total, though they naturally can’t all be obtained in a single trip.

Stim Canister Upgrade #1

Shortly after landing on the planet, players will encounter two Scazz (large rat-like creatures) gnawing at a dead Stormtrooper. Shortly after that, a second group of Scazz will ambush the player directly. Once the second group of Scazz is dead, players should be able to spot a cave entrance to their right. If they head inside the cave they’ll find the distinctly yellow stim canister upgrade crate after doing some light navigation and platforming.

Stim Canister Upgrade #2

This stim canister upgrade crate can actually be spotted up on a ledge as the player is heading through the large Probe Droid-filled tunnel that connects Zeffo’s Crash Site and Venator Wreckage areas. However, it’s also likely one of the last upgrade crates players will get since it’s only reachable after a player has first unlocked the Force Push, Force Pull, and Jedi Flip powers.

To reach this crate, players should begin by heading to the large circular dais in the Crash Site area, where one of the Crash Site’s two resident Jotaz are wandering around. Using Jedi Flip, players can platform up to an upper pathway that takes them into the massive dungeon-esque ruins of the Venator Wreckage. To reach the ruins, players need to slide down a long ramp, avoiding electricity hazards and Force Pushing barriers as they come up. After landing in the water, players can proceed through the area as normal, climbing platforms, defeating enemies, and finally solving a bit of an annoying puzzle involving a large movable block and some wall-run panels.

At the end, players will encounter a Jotaz and some troopers along with three locked item crates. Right outside the area with the crates are some platforms players can traverse down to reach the stim canister upgrade crate.  

Stim Canister Upgrade #3

From the central bridge in the Imperial Dig Site, players can reverse zip-line over to another zip-line to reach the area’s initial meditation site. If a player looks to their left as they’re riding up the first zip-line, they can see a narrow wall that can be torn down with either Force Push or Force Pull. To reach the platform that connects to the area behind the wall, it helps to have the Flip Jump ability since a player will have to Flip Jump out of the first zip-line back towards the platform, fighting against the game’s inclination to naturally guide them over to the second zip-line.

Stim Canister Upgrade #4

This crate is actually pretty hard to miss since players are guaranteed to run right by it during their natural progression of Fallen Order’s story. After completing the Tomb of Miktrull, players will exit the Imperial Dig Site via a new route, part of which involves Force Pulling a rope, swinging and jumping over a steam vent, and finally chaining into a reverse zip-line maneuver. Right after landing from the zip-line, players should spot the upgrade crate to their right as they head up an incline.

Bogano (2 Health Stim Canisters)

Stim Canister Upgrade #5

Both of Bogano’s stim canister crates require that the player first unlock a corresponding ability. For the first crate, they’ll need the wall-run ability they gain shortly before reaching the Jedi Vault. Once they’re able to wall-run, players should head back to the planet’s first meditation site near the Mantis landing zone and look for a path they can take to the left. This path requires a little wall-running and it quickly leads players into an encounter with three Splox (large beetle-like creatures). Once the Splox are dead, the player can climb down into the nearby hole to reach the crate.

Stim Canister Upgrade #6

For Bogano’s second stim canister crate a player will first need to obtain the Force Push ability in the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo. After they’ve done so, they should look near the Mantis landing site on Bogano for a circular ramp which leads them down to a lower area. There they will find a large sphere they need to Force Push onto an accompanying switch, but of course the trick is that there’s a large metal fence separating them and the area holding the sphere (and the upgrade crate).

Since they can’t get close to the sphere, the player will need to properly gauge the amount of force and the right angle required to launch it around a curving ramp onto the switch. It can take a little practice to get the angle just right, but once they finally succeed they’ll be rewarded with another stim canister upgrade for their efforts.

Kashyyyk (1 Health Stim Canister)

Stim Canister Upgrade #7

Kashyyyk’s sole stim canister upgrade crate cannot be obtained until a bit later in Fallen Order’s story campaign when players are sent back to the planet to meet with the Wookie Chieftain Tarfful. In the Origin Lake area where players meet Tarfful in the flesh, there’s a point where a Lung Plant must be used to ascend a ledge up into the Shadowlands region. As soon as they enter the Shadowlands at the top of the ledge, players can turn around to spot the upgrade crate which is accessible via an additional two Lung Plant-assisted jumps.   

Dathomir (1 Health Stim Canister)

Stim Upgrade Crate #8

Similar to Kashyyyk, Dathomir only has one stim canister upgrade crate to find. To start, players should proceed through the planet via the prescribed route and keep going until they’ve obtained the Climbing Claws upgrade and been given the ‘Enter the Crumbling Ruins’ objective. Shortly before the titular ruins, there’s an optional path to the right players can take, a path which leads them into a fight with a Nydak Alpha mini-boss and a ramp they can slide down. The crate is found beyond the ramp after performing some light navigation across a narrow branch.

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