Star Wars Battlefront II brings back microtransactions, adds ‘Ewok Hunt’ mode

DICE has announced that the long-awaited cosmetics update for Star Wars Battlefront II will arrive next Wednesday, April 18, bringing with it not only a selection of new cosmetic character skins but also balancing tweaks and a brand new multiplayer mode which features playable Ewoks.

The incoming cosmetics update was announced via this new post on the Star Wars Battlefront II game forums. According to the post, the update will re-enable the purchasing of Crystals (premium currency) using real money, and those Crystals can then be used to purchase the new cosmetic items. Players will also be able to convert crafting parts into skill points at a rate of 40 parts for one skill point.

As for the new cosmetic skins, there will be a selection of eight new hero skins for heroes like Lando Calrissian, Rey, Yoda, and Chewbacca among others as well as 40 new skins for the various trooper classes (Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist). Cosmetic skins will be purchasable using either Crystals or Credits (in-game currency). Some skins will be restricted to certain trooper classes, but every in-game faction will be getting at least a few skins to help spice up trooper diversity.

Other features coming in the April 18 update include a nerf to Iden Versio’s Stun Droid ability, a small bonus to Credits earned for winning a multiplayer round, and a new competitive game mode called Ewok Hunt.

Set during a nighttime version of the game’s Endor map, Ewok Hunt will pit a team of crafty Ewok players against a team of stormtrooper players. The stormtroopers will naturally have superior firepower, but every time a stormtrooper player is defeated, they’ll respawn on the Ewok side, which basically makes Ewok Hunt Star Wars Battlefront II’s take on the popular Infection multiplayer gametype. If even one stormtrooper player manages to hold out until they can be evacuated, the stormtrooper team wins, but if all the stormtroopers are eliminated, the Ewoks win.

Lastly, DICE said that it is working hard on Star Wars Battlefront II’s second in-game season, and that more information on what the season should entail will be shared sometime in early May.