Star Wars Battlefront II’s 1.03 update fixes exploits and squashes bugs

DICE has released the first major post-launch update for Star Wars Battlefront II, an update which doesn’t really introduce any new features or content but which does go a long way towards making the game’s multiplayer component feel less broken.

Specifically, update 1.03 (which is now live for all platforms) addresses the infamous End of Round MVP screen, a screen which has tended to be dominated by a single player given how Battlefront II’s scoring system works. Now, with the update, the MVP screen has been tweaked to recognize players’ contributing score totals rather than specific accolades, ensuring that one or two players don’t just sweep the whole board.

Other issues addressed in the 1.03 update include collision detection on multiplayer maps like Jakku, Kashyyyk, and Endor, combat area tweaks for certain game modes on the Tatooine, Endor, and Hoth maps, and a fix for that annoying “Disconnected from Server” error message that would pop up at the end of every match.

The full Star Wars Battlefront II 1.03 patch notes can be read here.