Sloclap provides a 2018 content roadmap for Absolver

Absolver proved to be one of the most unique and most fun games of 2017, which is quite an accomplishment considering it came from the small indie studio Sloclap. However, as good as Absolver is, Sloclap plans to make it even better in 2018, and it has detailed exactly how it will do so in a new content roadmap post.

The post, which you can read in full here, confirms that Sloclap plans to add the following features and changes to Absolver in 2018:

  • A major reworking of the game’s Schools feature which will make it feel more worthwhile for both mentors and students.
  • An expansive new PvE experience which Sloclap promises will be more than “just a couple of new areas that players will rush through and then never visit again.”
  • A ranked mode for PvP
  • A new fighting style and new character powers

Sloclap says it also has other ideas under consideration including more PvP modes, new wieldable weapons, and even a spectator mode for PvP matches. However, it didn’t want to fully commit to them just yet since it wants to ensure it can deliver everything it promises. Timetables for the release of the above features weren’t confirmed but they should all be added at some point in 2018.