Shenmue III advanced battle system stretch goal has been met

Developer Ys Net has released a new update for Shenmue III announcing that, between the game’s initial Kickstarter campaign and its currently ongoing Slacker Backer campaign, more than $7 million has been pledged to the game. This means that a previously promised advanced battle system will now be included in the game’s final release.

Details on how exactly the new advanced battle system will function are still being ironed out, but according to the new update, it will basically allow players to automatically perform “the perfect technique” in response to an opponent’s positioning in relation to protagonist Ryo Hazuki. This assumedly means that players will be able to perform advanced moves with a single button press as opposed to the more complicated inputs they usually require. In fact, Ys Net says in the update post that the feature is mainly intended for those who aren’t used to fighting games or who merely want a more cinematic combat experience.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait a while to see the advanced battle system in action since Shenmue III isn’t due to arrive until sometime in 2019. However, the silver lining is that the delay means there’s more time for stretch goals like the advanced battle system to be reached. Currently, there are stretch goals covering up to $11 million, but Ys Net has hinted that even more goals could be added if the funding campaign were to exceed such lofty funding milestones.