Shenmue 3 might not be available as a retail purchase

If you were planning on securing yourself a physical retail copy of Shenmue III whenever it is released and you haven’t yet pledged money to the game’s Kickstarter campaign, you might want to act fast since Ys Net has some bad news for potential buyers.

According to IGN, while Ys Net does plan to offer digital copies of Shenmue III for sale, it can’t make the same guarantee for physical on-disc copies. The Kickstarter campaign is currently offering physical copies as a reward for pledging $60 or more and it’s looking like that is the only way to guarantee yourself a physical copy. However, there’s only 8 hours left in the campaign at the time of this writing so if you haven’t become a backer yet and you want a physical copy, you better hurry.

There’s a tentative December, 2017 release date attached to Shenmue III (at least that’s the date listed on the Kickstarter campaign) but that date is subject to change. For more on Shenmue III, be sure to check out this recent teaser video YS Net posted.