Sea of Thieves PC specs announced

Sea of Thieves is getting ready to launch on March 20 and the folks at Rare want everyone to be ready, especially if you’re playing on PC.

In a new blog post on the Sea of Thieves website, PC Design Lead, Ted Timmins that thanks to their technical alpha program with the game, they’ve been able fine tune the PC experience.

“So it gives us great pleasure to announce that after all of the above, and more than a year of working with our partners at AMD, Intel and NVIDIA, it’s time to smash a bottle of rum against our PC specifications so that you can see how your rig will fare,” Timmins said. “As part of this new approach, we felt it would be more beneficial to not follow tradition by releasing just ‘min’, ‘recommended,’ and ‘ultra’ specs, and we should instead better detail the expected experience that each spec will offer.”

See larger version here

 Sea of Thieves will be a Play Anywhere title for Microsoft, meaning if you buy a digital version of the game, you'll be able to play it both on Xbox One and Windows 10.