This sculpted Fallout 4 Deathclaw is intense

It has long been established that video games and art are a constantly blurring set of lines. Yet, when a master sculptor takes the time to carefully and methodically create one of the most iconic enemies from Fallout 4, the lines become clear cut and easy to interpret. There's just something so satisfying and enjoyable about watching a craftsman bring a creature that's evoked such dramatic emotions in the Commonwealth into the real world.

That is exactly what sculptor Chris Vierra does in the video below on his YouTube channel Sculpture_Geek. Vierra uses a variety of traditional sculpting methods along with a number of household items to bring his Deathclaw to life, giving it smooth shape and jagged detail in a way that comes together in a dramatic fashion. Deathclaws are meant to be the result of pre-war experimentation gone too far, and staring down Vierra's creation makes you realize just how truly terrifying it would be to meet one in a dark alley or guarding some pre-war military installation.

It's one of those things that makes us a little grateful that Fallout hasn't come to VR yet, but gives us excited shivers for the possibilitites in the years to come.