ROCCAT's modular Nyth mouse offers over 36,000 configurations, 3D printing support

Facing stiff competition from hardware manufacturers SteelSeries and Razer, Roccat has upped the ante by showing off the Nyth, a new gaming mouse that promises to give gamers an unprecedented level of customization. Nyth  is a modular gaming mouse that offers tens of thousands of button configuration options and can be modified to adapt to different genres like MMO and FPS games. Given a bigger push by manufacturers to let users modify every component of their peripherals to best suit their needs, Roccat’s Nyth represents a new tier of customization that both PC modders and serious gamers should enjoy.

The main highlight of the Nyth gaming mouse is its high level of modularity. Right off the bat, users will get 33 buttons that they may arrange in several different configurations. In addition to these removable buttons, the Nyth comes with different side grips that provide gamers with several different ergonomic options. 

According to Roccat, users will be able to set up their Nyth mouse with up to 36,738 different combinations, which is a staggering number considering the fairly limited options found in most gaming mice on the market. All Nyth mice will also come with an attractive solid carrying case for easy transport.

3D printing and tech specs

Following the recent trend for hardware manufacturers to allow users to further customize their peripherals with 3D printing, Roccat will support the Nyth with an online 3D printing library that gives gamers the opportunity to further modify their device. In addition to offering buttons based on different themes and colors, Roccat will also let users print additional side-grips. Coupled with the high number of different customization options right out of the box and the 3D printing add-ons, it’s fair to say that Roccat’s Nyth is the most mod-friendly gaming peripheral out there today.

As far as technical specs go, the Nyth is no slouch. The Nyth comes with a highly sensitive Twin-Tech lasor sensor that can detect sensitivities up to 12,000 DPI (i.e. more than you’ll ever need), a 1000Hz polling rate, and an industry-standard 1ms response time. As is the norm with high-end gaming mice, the Nyth will also have top and underside RGB lighting. Other niceties include 6 feet of braided cable, a tracking and distance control unit for those curious about metrics, and a Roccat-exclusive dorsal fin-switch for quickly executing macro commands.

Roccat is also pairing the launch of the Nyth mouse with Swarm, a software suite that lets gamers tweak all of their Roccat peripherals in one place.

The black edition of the Roccat Nyth should be available in the near future, and a white version will launch in November. Both mice will retail for $130.