Riot Games is testing a new League of Legends in-game tournament mode: Clash

This weekend Riot is testing out a new in-game tournament mode for League of Legends called Clash. Simply put, tournaments from your own living room based on rank.

The beta starts this weekend at 5pm on Friday, April 13 and will end on Sunday, April 15. You can play any day during the beta and will earn rewards for doing so. However, there are a few requirements in order to participate. One, you need to have at least Honor Level 2, which shouldn’t be a problem since everyone starts there. You also have to complete your placement matches for Summoner’s Rift.

The new feature looks extremely promising, though Riot devs have told players to expect, “some jankiness, some bugs, and unfinished UI elements.”

Aside from that, it looks like this will also be a way for veteran players to dump their excess Blue Essence, since tickets required to participate have to be bought with Blue Essence (a ticket for this weekend can be acquired through a mission).

Check out the video below for a quick summary. For full details, click here.