One of the most neglected but crucial components in your gaming rig setup is your chair.

While a chair is admittedly not nearly as exciting as a 4k monitor or a beefy new video card, a comfortable seat can give you the energy to keep going during marathon gaming sessions and make simply using your computer all the more bearable. For those looking to invest in a high-end chair that will not only sit well, but also last a lifetime, Vertagear has designed the Triigger 350. It’s specifically designed for gamers who demand not only high levels of comfort, but exceptional build quality.

Naturally, chairs this luxurious gear toward the higher end of the price spectrum, retailing for $699. But sometimes, you get what you pay for.

High end design and construction

Vertagear’s marketing materials liken the Triigger 350 to a Formula One race car, both in its aesthetic and design philosophy. While it might seem like a bit of a stretch, when you really break down the individual components, Vertagear’s claim is more serious than it might initially appear.

The frame and base of the Triigger 350 is made of a high quality aluminum alloy, and the dual spring hub is made of a mixture of steel and magnesium. The seat and the back are made of a highly breathable DuPont TPEE mesh fabric, with the back also featuring accents of hand-stitched calfskin leather. With these top shelf components, the Triigger 350 just oozes quality from head to toe. It’s clear Vertagear takes their Formula One mantra seriously, and the result is a chair that not only looks good, but is built durability in addition to style.

That high end philosophy extends all the way to the manual itself. The clear, easy to read documentation explains the painless construction process and gives an informative overview of the Triigger 350’s features. Even without the detailed pictorial instructions, construction would remain relatively painless – the parts simply fit into each other, with no additional tools required.

I’ve never lauded a manual before, but I’ve also never put together a $700 chair together before either.

Comfort is king

For raising and lowering the height of the Triigger 350, Vertagear went with a class four gaslift.

This allows you to adjust the height in 0.32 seconds, which Vertagear claims is eight times faster than most other chairs. The competition typically opts for a weaker class two or class three lift. While I can’t exactly say I have a need for speed when it comes to adjusting my chair’s height, I did like how the chair quickly “snapped” into position. Note that due to the power of the gaslift, there is a louder than average “gas” volume when you adjust the height, but it’s nothing that would disrupt your co-workers or roommates. Unlike other chairs, you adjust the height of the Triigger 350 with a “trigger” button placed directly under the right armrest. This button placement is a stroke of genius. I’ve always hated fiddling around under the seat when I want to adjust my chair, and I suspect I’m not the only one. The under the armrest button gives me that ease of access I never knew I always wanted.

It’s going to be hard to go back to under the chair paddles now.

Reclining like a boss

Under the left armrest is the tilt button, allowing you to recline in the Triigger 350 up to 33 degrees. With another press of the button, you can lock the Triigger 350 into the reclined position. The Triigger 350 accommodates 22 different positions, accommodating just about any configuration you’d want.

Not stopping at simple reclining positions, both the angle of the back frame and the seat depth are adjustable as well. The seat can be moved backward and forward, and the entire back frame can be lifted up or down, depending on your preferred positioning based on your height and weight. Once you make these adjustments, they are locked in tight – I thankfully never felt the frame or the seat slide loose.

The armrests on the Triigger 350 can also be rotated inwards and outwards. They were easy to move, but locked firmly in position, so I never accidentally knocked them around. I would have liked to see some more padding on them for some added comfort, though. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it really stood out compared to the premium feel of the rest of the chair.

Rounding out the chair’s features are the five rubber hubless casters. In my experience, they rolled nice and smoothly, even on carpet. For those who are regularly rolling long distances, however, be advised that the casters have a bit of a grip to them. To get the Triigger 350 rolling, you’re going to have to put some muscle into it. It’s nothing strenuous, but if you’re expecting one of those chairs that you could can just push off and go flying across the room, think again. The plus side is you’re not going to move unless you want to.

So how does it feel to sit in the Triigger 350? Absolutely sublime. The seat gently hammocks your body. The mesh feels wonderful, lightly supporting you without digging into your lower upper thighs. I’ve previously used leather chairs, and the mesh is so much better. It doesn’t trap sweat, smells, or heat, and doesn’t sag in the slightest. The seat doesn’t even budge when I tried rocking it from side to side. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that the Triigger 350 is a luxury chair through and through. While all this comfort comes at a price, I really did notice the difference between the Triigger 350 and chairs in far lower price points.

High end indeed

While this is a high price to pay for a chair, the Triigger 350 is solidly built, and I could easily see it lasting for years, with minimal wear and tear. The comfort and quality of the Triigger 350 are heads and shoulders above other gaming chairs, and the extra cost could very well be worth it.

If you’ve got the dough, the Vertagear Triigger 350 is the one of the very best options out there.