There are quite a few variations of Kingston’s HyperX Cloud line of headsets on the market, so it’s not an easy choice.  Now there’s a brand new contender, and it stands at the forefront of the line. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S might look familiar to those of you familiar with the previous version, but there’s quite a few changes that make it worth a second look.

Same body, different soul.

You can pick them up for $150 here.

Design and Comfort

One of the strengths (and something that really hasn’t changed since the original Revolver) is the design. Everything from the packaging to the construction of the headset itself feels pretty top notch. The colors have changed from black and red to black and white, but otherwise the design is identical. There’s no RGB, but the headset still looks fancy, with a black and white pattern on the outside of the ear and a simple and classy black coloring. There’s also light white stitching on the foam headband which adds a nice splash of color.

The steel frame gives the headset a sturdy feel. I have no concern about it breaking when I inevitably drop it. The build quality is high all around; from the foam padded ear cups to the braided audio cable.

All of those good looks must mean it’s heavy right? Not really. Though it’s not the lightest headset I’ve used, it’s nowhere near the heaviest.

The Revolver S is also remarkably comfortable. I get headset fatigue quickly, but I did not have trouble with these. The foam padding in the ear pieces conformed nicely, and the elastic headband provides a custom fit despite the weird shape of your head. Comfort is deeply important for a product like this, and I’m glad to say I had no issues with them even after extended use.

My one complaint from a design perspective is the wires sticking out from above the ear pieces. I understand the slack is there to compensate for the adjustment of the headband, but they protrude in an inelegant way that contradicts the stellar design of the rest of the headset. It’s a small thing, but it does bother me every time I take them off or put them on, so I hope they address it on the next go around.

Performance and Features

When it comes to audio equipment comfort and design are important, but sound is king. Luckily, the Revolver S has quite a bit to bring to the table in the audio department.

The biggest change from the last version of the Revolver is the inclusion of Dolby 7.1 surround. This is a pretty big deal, especially for gamers and those who watch a lot of movies; the location based sound has a substantial impact on the feeling of immersion.

But even with the 7.1 turned off, the quality of the sound is stellar. The 50mm directional drivers deliver crisp highs and solid bass. These are not the bassiest headphones, there were times I wouldn’t have minded a little more rumble in my dub step, but overall I was more than satisfied with the clarity and quality of the sound.

I plugged the Revolver S into both my PS4 and my PC for some Battlefield 1, and the audio experience was top notch all around. For the price, I have nothing but positive things to say about the sound. It isn’t the same as a $500 pair of cans, but one couldn’t expect it to be.

The microphone is a bit lacking however, especially when compared to the stellar sound quality. It’s removable which is nice, but when you do plug it in it doesn’t sound so hot, especially when it moves away from your mouth. I had no trouble hearing my fellow soldiers in the trenches, but there were times when they had trouble hearing me.

I do wish the microphone sounded a little better, but it’s certainly functional. I wouldn’t have a problem recommending the Revolver S just as headphones at this price, so the mic isn’t a huge deal for me.

I mentioned the braided cable earlier, and how short it is. The nice thing is that the Revolver S comes with options; a USB sound card with volume control, mic mute, and the 7.1 toggle, or an audio/mic output that can go straight into your computer’s audio jacks. The cables on both are very long and of remarkably high quality, so whichever you prefer, the Revolver S has got you covered. I’m a huge fan of choice, so good for you HyperX.