Respawn outlines the next three months of Titanfall 2 content additions

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled a new content schedule for Titanfall 2, detailing what paid and free DLC will be coming to the game between now and June.

According to an update on the Titanfall 2 site, the following content will be added to the game in the coming months, and all of it will be available by June:

  • Two new multiplayer maps: Glitch and Relic
  • Two new Live Fire maps: Traffic and Deck
  • Prime versions of the Ronin and Tone Titans
  • A brand new original Titan type

Fans have also noted that the final entry in the post’s “The Road Ahead” image shows the same Harvester structure which players in the original Titanfall had to defend in the game’s post-launch co-op mode Frontier Defense, suggesting the mode will come to Titanfall 2 sometime after June.