Respawn delays next Titanfall game to work on Apex Legends, avoid crunch

The thing Titanfall fans have been dreading has officially come to pass. Respawn is officially delaying Titanfall related projects to work on and support Apex Legends. In a blog post on the Apex Legends site, the game’s executive producer Drew McCoy, was responding to fans asking what other games the studio was working on.

“Lastly, regarding other games in development at Respawn, it is important to understand that there are entirely separate development teams working on Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” McCoy said in the post. “Additionally, in order to fully support Apex Legends, we are pushing out plans for future Titanfall games. No resources from the Apex Legends team are being shifted to other titles in development here at the studio, nor are we pulling resources from the team working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.”

Elsewhere in the post, McCoy shares details on the things they’re working including slow servers, cheaters, and audio issues. McCoy also addresses Apex Legends’ lack of content and their focus on avoiding crunch, which some may see as a reference to the recent report of Epic’s labor issues on Fortnite.

“We know that, in addition to addressing issues with the game, everyone is hungry for us to add new content. The studio culture that we’ve worked hard to cultivate, and the health of our team are very important,” he said. “We take those things into account when we discuss our content roadmap, the production schedule, and the frequency in which we can update the game. Our long-term goal is to ensure Apex Legends always feels alive and thriving, with a focus on quality of content over novelty or speed of release. At the same time, we want to maintain our culture as a development team and avoid crunch that can quickly lead to burnout or worse.”

To read the post in its entirety, head over to the Apex Legends page.