Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is now available on PC and Mac

Big Star Games has announced that its previously revealed tactical shooting/heisting game Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, which is based off of Quentin Tarentino’s iconic heist film Reservoir Dogs, is now available for both PC and Mac via Steam.

Here’s an official description of the game in case you missed its initial unveiling:

“In Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, players will discover a new level of action-shooter strategy by rewinding time to guide each Reservoir Dog through high-level tactical gameplay. Turning time back affords players a chance to realign strategies, save downed allies or conduct complex maneuvers to blast a bloody path through enemies and complete each heist. With no health packs and limited ammo, players will need to carefully execute their plans and steal as much as possible to make it through the game’s 18 levels.”  

For each heist, players will get to select a team of three different crew members, picking from the familiar lineup of Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Blue. If you want to try out Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days for yourself, it is now available on Steam at a limited-time $13.49 price point (the price will rise to $14.99 on May 25). You can watch the game’s official launch trailer below.