Reports suggest Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be getting any single-player DLC

Last week, a company calling itself Sinclair Networks claimed it had been working on single-player DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda before BioWare unceremoniously cancelled it all in one fell swoop. The claims have since been proven to be false, but according to anonymous sources within BioWare itself, the specifics of those claims, specifically that Andromeda will not be getting any DLC that expands the scope of its single-player story campaign, are in fact true.

Both BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts were quick to dismiss the claims made by Sinclair Networks, with the folks at BioWare saying they had never heard of such a company and that they always produce DLC for their games in-house. However, anonymous sources at BioWare who spoke with Kotaku have now said that what Sinclair Networks claimed is in fact true: unless a drastic change in plans is made, Andromeda will not be getting any single-player DLC.

While it is sad that Mass Effect: Andromeda’s story campaign will apparently remain unchanged via DLC, especially since there were such obvious hooks for story-based DLC built into the game's campaign, it’s also not terribly surprising. The game received a deluge of negative reviews when it launched earlier this year, thanks in no small part to its infamous facial animation issues and large number of gameplay bugs.

Reports suggest that only a skeleton crew of BioWare team members are still working on Andromeda, and that’s only to continue producing new patches and minor content additions for the game’s multiplayer component. For now at least, if you were hoping for some single-player DLC content for Andromeda, you might want to prepare for disappointment.