Report: New Xbox Achievements system will reward single-game dedication

Currently, the achievement systems found on most platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc.) reward players the most for playing a wide range of games since there’s a finite amount of achievements to earn on a per-game basis. However, recent reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a new form of achievements for Xbox which will provide incentives for sticking with a single game over a prolonged period.

Window Central has the scoop on something which is apparently being called the ‘Career’ system internally. According to the reports that have come in, the Career system will sit alongside the existing Xbox Gamerscore system (a user’s Gamerscore is an aggregated number of all the achievement points they’ve earned) and will offer rewards such as cosmetic loot boxes for continuously completing tasks in the same game. Two examples which were offered include earning in-game levels (like in an RPG) or ranks (like in an online shooter game).

Microsoft hasn’t technically offered any sort of official confirmation that the Career system is being developed, but it has said in the past that it’s interested in finding ways to equally reward players who wholly devote themselves to a single game as those who play lots of games and thus likely have a higher Gamerscore. Hopefully the Career system will be the fruit of those efforts.