Region-specific stress tests now underway for Street Fighter V

To say the recent PS4 beta for Street Fighter V was a disaster would be an understatement. Crippling server issues left thousands of players unable to even log into the game, let alone find a match, and Capcom ended up taking the beta down mere hours after its initial launch. Fortunately, Capcom plans to relaunch a more stable version of the beta at a later date, and it’s ensuring everything goes smoothly this time around using regional stress tests.

According to a new post on Capcom Unity, the first such stress test kicked off today in Europe and will last throughout tomorrow, August 21, as well. After that, additional stress tests are planned for both Asia and North America. All those with beta access are invited to participate in the stress tests and Capcom made sure to clarify that the time used to perform the stress tests won’t eat into the planned five days of global beta test access, the stress tests are sort of an added bonus to make up for the first beta’s problems.

Capcom doesn’t yet have set dates for the North America and Asia stress tests but it promises more info will be available once the Europe stress test is finished. If all regional stress test sessions go well, Capcom will confirm a new start date for the global beta period.