Refund option for Star Citizen requested in wake of backer woes

Since its original launch back in 2012, the Kickstarter campaign for Chris Roberts’ and Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen has had its fair share of highs and lows. Coupled with a separate crowdfunding campaign that has been running through the official Star Citizen website, over 925,000 have contributed roughly $85 million to the project (and that number grows daily) as of today. However, one backer hasn’t been happy with how the project is progressing and he became so vocal that CIG was forced to refund his pledge. This has led other backers to ask the inevitable question: should refunds be on the table?

Despite its massive and ever-expanding crowdfunding coffers, Star Citizen has run into a fair number of snags. The game was originally supposed to launch in November 2014 but the added revenue from the internal crowdfunding led Roberts and CIG to expand the game’s scope, going beyond the original premise of an open-world space flight sim to include a single-player campaign, an online persistent world, and even a first-person shooter module called ‘Star Marine.’ However, at the time of this writing, only a few small pieces of the game’s beta are playable and ‘Star Marine’ has been put on indefinite hold as of June 27.

One backer, a somewhat infamous game developer named Derek Smart, wasn’t happy with the lack of progress and voiced his opinions via social media and his website. Roberts and CIG responded by shutting down Smart’s Star Citizen account (essentially banning him from the game) and refunding his pledge of $250. This led other backers to conduct an informal poll where roughly 25% of the over 1,100 backers who were polled said that they believe Roberts and CIG should offer refunds. CIG quickly stepped in once again, making it clear that while it is willing to work with backers on a case by case basis, it has no plans to offer a refund option in the future.   

CIG’s stance may change if more and more backers become disgruntled with the lack of meaningful progress but in the meantime all fans can really do is cross their fingers and hope the money they pledged isn’t going to waste.