Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft aims to eventually have over 100 playable operators

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Rainbow Six Siege has slowly risen in prominence to become one of the best tactical shooter experiences on the market. However, as much as Siege has grown in the two years since its launch, developer Ubisoft recently made a pretty bold announcement regarding how big it eventually wants to see the game get.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Ubisoft brand director Alexandre Remy spoke at length about Siege’s tumultuous beginnings, whether Ubisoft felt Siege could be salvaged after its poor first showing, and what the studio has planned for the game in the future. It was in regards to that last question that Remy said the following:

“…we are looking at developing the game with 100 Operators—I'll let you do the math and work out how many years that does. There's no reason for us to stop there.”

Considering the fact that Siege currently has just over 30 operators at the time of this writing (33 to be exact if you count the three that were just added in the game’s Operation Blood Orchid expansion), that means Ubisoft might very well be supporting the game for many more years to come.