Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Patch Now Live

Ubisoft has released a substantial balancing patch for Rainbow Six Siege which it is calling the “Mid-Season Reinforcements” patch. While it doesn’t bring any new playable operators to the table, the Mid-Season Reinforcements patch makes some welcome changes to current operators and weapons while also introducing some minor new features.

The major highlights of the Mid-Season Reinforcements patch include tweaks to Glaz’s scope which make him a much more viable pick for taking down enemy operators from a distance (something which is already supposed to be his forte), the announcement of an upcoming test server for the game which will fully deploy in the coming weeks, and a new Elite skin for Twitch which decks her out in the regalia of a French World War II resistance fighter (Ubisoft also promises more Elite skins will arrive in the near future).

The Mid-Season Reinforcements patch also includes a long laundry list of tweaks and fixes, all of which you can find here. Rainbow Six Siege is currently in the middle of its second year of content, a year which includes the release of six brand new DLC operators (of which only two have been released so far as of the time of this writing).