Rainbow Six Siege adds Maestro to the roster

As we mentioned earlier, the Operation Para Bellum update is bringing two new operators to Rainbow Six Siege’s roster. We already talked about Alibi, but Ubisoft has just revealed the newest addition; another Italian Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.) agent who goes by the code name Maestro.

According to the developers, Maestro, or Adriano Martello, “is a colorful addition to the intel gameplay family. His expertise lies in blocking access to key locations, and his blunt style allows him to see through smoke and mirrors, for which he has no patience. He shines when joined by his long-time G.I.S. teammate, Alibi.”

We don’t know a lot about this defender’s special skill, but judging from the trailer, it looks as though he’ll be able to deploy some sort of remote turret. This should mix up the meta in interesting ways, and might well be the final nail in Tachanka’s coffin.

There is still a lot to learn about both of these new operators, as well as everything else Operation Para Bellum has in store. We’ll know more on May 20 when additional info is revealed at the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals.