Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid update is now live

Ubisoft has announced that Operation Blood Orchid, the second major DLC release for Rainbow Six Siege’s second year of content, is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Operation Blood Orchid’s main features include a new Theme Park map that is free for all players and three new playable operators who are available now to year two content pass owners and who will become available for purchase to those who don’t own the pass on September 12.

The new operators and their unique gadgets are as follows:

  • Ying – An Attack operator who can deploy unique “Candela” flash grenades. These grenades are non-lethal and can either be placed directly on surfaces or thrown/rolled like a standard grenade
  • Lesion – A Defense operator with unique “Gu” mines that cloak themselves when placed. If an enemy trips a Gu mine, they will be hit with a poison dart that causes a strong burst of initial damage and then continues to damage them over time unless they stop to remove the dart, leaving them exposed. Lesion starts out with only two Gu mines, but he’ll gain an additional mine ever 35 seconds up to a maximum of seven mines.
  • Ela – A Defense operator who comes equipped with unique “Grzmot” concussion mines. When tripped, these mines stun and disorient all nearby opponents, leaving them exposed to additional offensive measures. If Ela is downed, she can actually trigger an additional mine, giving her enemies one last surprise.

The full update notes for Operation Blood Orchid can be found here.