Rainbow Six Siege’s fourth DLC is called Operation Red Crow

Ubisoft has unveiled the first details of Operation Red Crow, the fourth DLC pack for its tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

For now, all we know about Operation Red Crow is that the new map will be set in a feudal-style Japanese temple located at the very top of a massive skyscraper in the heart of Nagoya, Japan. Ubisoft also hinted that rappels will play a big part in the map, suggesting that players might be able to rappel up and down the skyscraper itself (hope you’re not afraid of heights).

More details about Operation Red Crow, including a more thorough look at the Japanese temple map and the two new operators the DLC will add in, will be revealed during a live demo panel which will be held during the Rainbow Six Siege pro league finals on November 12 and 13. Those who can’t attend the pro finals in person will be able to see a live broadcast of the Operation Red Crow demo via the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitch page.