Radical Heights dev, Boss Key Productions shuts down

A mere month after launching a colorful new battle royale game called Radical Heights, Boss Key Productions is shutting down for good.

The studio’s closure was confirmed by co-founder Cliff Bleszinski via Twitter. In the prepared statement he shared, Bleszinski admitted that, after Boss Key’s online shooter game LawBreakers failed to gain traction, the hasty development and launch of Radical Heights was a sort of last-ditch hail mary that sadly came too little too late.

Now that Boss Key is no more, Bleszinski says he’s taking some time to step away from the gaming industry so that he can focus more on himself and his family. He also said he wants to keep making games in the future, but for now he’s focused on being with his family and re-centering himself.

Boss Key Productions was founded in 2014 by Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee, both men having been former members of Gears of War and Fortnite developer Epic Games. Brussee left Boss Key in December of 2017 so that he could return to Epic and help develop the mobile Fortnite Battle Royale port that launched earlier this year.      

For the time being, the Radical Heights servers will remain online, though it’s not clear for how long. The online servers for LawBreakers are also technically still active, though Boss Key essentially abandoned the game once it transitioned over to Radical Heights.