Prey: How to access the Reactor Control Room

Somewhere around 12 hours down the main story questline for Prey, there's a particular objective that is trickier than you might expect, and it can be frustrating if you get off on the wrong track.

It involves the Reboot quest, which requires you to access the main reactor of the space station Talos I and cycle the power to remove security locks your brother Alex has placed on doors and airlocks in the station. 

Finding the Reactor Control Room door should be simple enough, as it will be clearly marked by a waypoint as you make your way through the station. You enter a large open area (the Coolant Chamber) and must fight or sneak your way past a number of Phantoms and Mimics  in order to reach the door. 

It's tough to provide much specific advice as to how to beat these enemies, since at this point you'll have a ton of upgrades that make your character unique, but there's nothing particular challenging about the Typhon here. If you prefer stealth, you can easily avoid combat by taking a path along the pipes overhead. 

Once you reach the door, however, you find that it's locked, and a keycard is required. You're tasked with finding an employee named Talia Brooks who was last seen in the Coolant Chamber, since her keycard will open the door.

Finding Talia Brooks

If you leave the door and begin searching the Coolant Chamber, it's very easy to miss Talia's body as you explore the space. She's actually very close to the Reactor Control Room door you need to open, but her body is hidden behind a patch of fire so you may have missed it.

The fire is just to the left of the Reactor Control Room door.

Extingish the fire with the GLOO cannon and you can reach the body without taking damage. Talia's corpse holds the key card you need to open the door, as well as a Neuromod and a useful schematic. 

With the keycard in hand, turn back to the door and use it to continue on with the main storyline. 

UPDATE: Some players are reporting the body disintegrates or falls through the floor when they approach it. If that happens, trying using the Combat Focus power to slow down time long enough to grab what you need before she's gone. 

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