Prey gets a release date, new trailer, and pre-order bonuses

Prey is shaping up to be a fantastic looking sci-fi epic, set to the tune of everything we love out of Arkane's unique development style with undertones of psychological horror that make our skin tingle in the best possible way.

Now, thanks to a new gameplay trailer that gives us yet another look into the mysterious day-to-day life of Morgan Yu, we know that we'll finally have a chance to explore Talos I on May 5, 2017. That date is actually a lot closer than we would have thought we'd be sneaking past aliens attempting to subjugate the entire human race, considering it's only been a few months since Arkane's Dishonored 2 hit store shelves.

Of course, as long as the title has had a chance to get the appropriate polish it's hardly something to complain about.

Pre-order bonuses

Arkane also announced that fans that pre-order the title would receive the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. That includes a unique variant of the shotgun called the Margrave that is reportedly one of Yu's family heirlooms, three extra Neuromods that'll help players unlock bigger and better abilities much faster, a few extra medkits, plans to create both the shotgun and ammo, a small cache of resources to get you started, and a unique upgrade that will supposedly help players preserve the relatively limited supply of resources aboard Talos I.

This does actually sound like a pretty substantial pre-order bonus compared to what we had in Dishonored 2, but hopefully it doesn't give too much power to the player too quickly. The fact that it lists plans to create the shotgun gives us some hope that the bonus will be something optional and unlikely to significantly impact gameplay for players that want to wait before they buy the title.

The trailer itself shows off a fair bit of content that we've seen before, but also demonstrates some new feats of fancy we'll be able to pull off with gadgets like the Gloo Cannon – including cutting off streams of fire in Morgan's path and using it to create small platforms to hop up to previously inaccessible areas. We also see what appears to be an extension of Morgan's ability to transform into objects in the surrounding area when he seemingly dives forward and becomes a turret to deliver lead-based justice to a group of Typhon.

Perhaps even more interesting are the story clips sprinkled throughout the gameplay giving us a look into the testing and methodology Morgan undergoes on Talos I, which seem like they'll make their way into the story before the Typhon start running amok.

We also see several brief clips showing us a new character we'll likely see in-game, along with a brief shot of a large ornate sign proclaiming Morgan Yu the VP and Director of Research. We don't know a whole lot about Morgan Yu's status aboard Talos I and Transtar, but it stands to reason that it would be pretty odd to test a number of experimental and likely dangerous neural mods based off of alien life forms on your VP and Director. That makes us wonder, as many fans have also conjectured, if this new older NPC we see in the trailer is the actual Morgan Yu, and the one undergoing testing is some form of clone or otherwise disconnected character from the real Morgan Yu.

Or we could just be reading too much into the fact that they're wearing similar clothes, hair cuts, and have vaguely similar features underneath the age and weight gain. Who knows.

Either way, we're excited to explore the reality of Morgan Yu's situation come May 5.