Port Patrol: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Steam and Xbox One versions

It’s official, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is now out on every platform. PC users can finally get their hands on one of the craziest games out there, and Xbox One users can pine for the days when UMVC3 was the Xbox 360’s chosen fighter. But is it worth it to purchase UMVC3 again, after it has already seen a re-release on the PS4? Is there anything in this port that’s worth playing if you purchased the game on another platform?


Just to make things completely clear, this release is exactly identical to the recent PS4 release. That means no new characters, no new options, nothing new outside of the inclusion of the Marvel VS. Capcom Official Complete Works art book and all DLC characters and costumes. Once again, this is a pretty good deal if you never purchased the game before, or even if you purchased the game before and didn’t purchase the DLC. 25 dollars is a steal for all this extra content, but if you already purchased all the DLC on a last generation console, the port simply isn’t worth it.


Once again, there is no 4K support in either version, but the PC version certainly looks amazing. It runs smooth and the old comic-book style graphics look amazing up close. Still, this increase in graphical fidelity isn’t really worth purchasing the game again if you already own it, but if you are the type of guy who needs everything in his Steam library, it’s a small advantage.

Mod Support

While the Xbox One version has no mod support, as is expected, the PC version is already overflowing with mods in just a few short days since its release. New costumes, new stages, new music, and even revamped U.I. are just a few things that have been modded into the game, and community support will only continue to grow. In fact, there is already a version that adds completely new moves to every character in production. If you really want a totally unique UMVC3 experience, then the Steam version is the way to go.


The PS4 version’s netcode was, in a word, horrible. The amount of button delay introduced to matches made online games unplayable. Thankfully, the Steam and Xbox One versions have vastly improved netcode. Neither has rollback netcode, which is a shame, but the delay based netcode has been tightened up and makes matches feel more like they feel in person.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of people playing either version of the game, which means it’s nearly impossible to find matches, let alone good ones. The game is just too old to reliably climb the leaderboards. If you have local friends to play with, you should be ok. But if you have local friends to play with, you might as well play in person instead of online.

Who Should Get It?

Complete Newbies – Yes

UMVC3 is an incredibly fun game, and if you never played a VS. series title before, this is a perfect place to start.

Older VS. Series Fans Who Never Bought Marvel 3 – Yes

Once again, if you didn’t like Marvel 3 the first time you won’t like it now, but if you missed it the first time around 25 dollars is not a bad price to give it a shot.

Owners of the PS3 Version – Maybe, Leaning Toward Yes

Frankly, the netcode in the Steam and Xbox One versions of UMVC3 is so much better than the PS3 version, it’s probably worth purchasing them just for the online experience.

Owners of the Xbox 360 version – Maybe

The difference in netcode between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One/Steam versions isn’t great enough to warrant a new purchase, but you might find more opponents on the updated versions.

People Who Never Bought Any DLC – Yes

25 dollars is a steal for all these costumes no matter how you look at it.

People Who Bought All the DLC – No

If you already purchased all the DLC, you are essentially purchasing it again, and that can leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

Players Who Want a Fresh Marvel Experience – Yes

While the Xbox One version won’t get you anything new, the mod support for the PC version is surprisingly strong.

Players Looking for New Content – No

Even modders have limited power. If you are looking for something beyond new stages and costumes, you are totally out of luck.