Persona 5 FAQs Part 2: Calling Cards, Shadows, and Fusion

Let’s continue our trip through 30 of the most frequently asked questions about Persona 5 (if you haven’t yet, check out Part 1 of this article here). Here we will discuss fusion, negotiation, and how to see all the game’s different endings.

Why Did I Run Out of Time?

Deadlines are deceiving in Persona 5. While the game tells you that you have to steal a target’s heart by a certain date, you actually have to do quite a bit more than that. It takes at least one day (sometimes more due to story reasons) to secure a route through the palace to the target’s treasure, one day to send a calling card to make the treasure materialize, and one day to re-enter the palace, fight the boss, and actually take the treasure out. That’s a minimum of three days, and a maximum of about a week, just to finish dungeon-related activities before a deadline.

Even if you blocked enough time out on your calendar, remember that there are certain days (like exam days) that you cannot spend in dungeons. You might find yourself accidentally going over your deadline if you don’t factor these into your schedule as well.

How Do I Send a Calling Card?

It’s surprising that so many people seem struggle with this, since it’s a central game mechanic. Anyway, to send a calling card, first you have to complete your target’s palace dungeon. You cannot send a calling card unless you have already made it to the palace’s end. Afterward, you need to spend a day writing the card. You can do this by going to your hideout and choosing the “send calling card” option. After you send the card you will immediately sleep, and upon waking the next day you’ll automatically go back to the dungeon and fight the final boss. So, make sure you do all your shopping and battle preparation before sending out a calling card.

How Do I Negotiate With Shadows?

This is actually two questions. If you want to know how to initiate a negotiation, you first need to hold-up the enemy by knocking every enemy on the field down. You can do this through critical hits, technical hits, or by hitting the enemy’s weakness.

If you want to know how to negotiate effectively, then read the manual! No, really – Persona 5 comes with a digital manual that outlines enemy personalities and how to effectively negotiate with them. You can also see this information in the game’s tutorial menu, though you aren’t forced to take this tutorial so you will have to seek it out. Analyzing an enemy in battle will tell you exactly what sort of personality it has, and at that point it’s just a matter of choosing the correct responses during the negotiation.

Why Won’t The Enemy Negotiate?

Some enemies won’t negotiate no matter how hard you try. These enemies are either bosses, sub-bosses, or other special encounters. There’s simply no way to negotiate with them, but trying won’t cost you anything. Attempting to negotiate with these foes will have your navigator remind you that it won’t work and then give you the opportunity to do an all-out attack instead.

How Do I Fuse (X) Persona?

Now, this is a complicated question. In short, the fusion system works like this:

Each persona has a base level. When you fuse personas of two different arcanas you take their base level and then average it. Then, you look to see what arcana the fusion will result (a function of a long and complicated fusion table). You’ll end up forming the persona whose base level is the next highest after the averaged level you got earlier.

If you fuse two personas of the same arcana, however, you will get a persona whose base level is the next lowest after the averaged level you got, and that doesn’t match any of the fusion ingredients.

Sound complicated? Well, it is. But luckily there is an easier way. Someone was nice enough to program an online fusion calculator that will give you easy recipes to create whatever persona you like. Have fun!

Why Isn’t My Fusion Recipe Working?

OK, so you have consulted all the fusion tables, calculated the best fusion recipe, and obtained the fusion ingredients, but for some reason your fusion recipe isn’t working out. Why is that?

There two common answers to this question. A) The persona you are trying to fuse is an ultimate persona. Ultimate personas require the confidant of their matching arcana to be maxed out at rank ten before they can be created.

B) The persona you are trying to fuse is a DLC persona. DLC personas can only be created or used as fusion ingredients if you already purchased them as DLC. Unfortunately, Persona 5 doesn’t have a season pass, so nabbing all DLC personas will cost you a cool 24 dollars, and most of them aren’t even available for purchase yet! That being said, DLC personas are not necessary for finishing the game, so only purchase these if you are addicted to the nostalgia of previous Persona titles.

Where do I Get Decorations?

Room decorations can be obtained by hanging out with certain confidants in special places. In general, if you take a confidant to a place they enjoy, they will reward you with a room decoration. 

I’m Out of SP and I Haven’t Finished a Palace! What can I do?

Aside from drinking the aforementioned coffee, there are a couple of other tricks to regaining SP.

First, consider teleporting to a safe room closer to the beginning of the dungeon. The enemies here are easier and usually have timid personalities, leading them to beg for their life before they die. Extort them for items (or attempt to add a persona to your line-up that you already own) and you’ll have a high chance of receiving an SP restorative.

Second, remember that you can swap in inactive party members at any time. If your main party is out of SP, your sub-party is usually still in fighting condition.

Finally, if you are really desperate, cast a sleep spell on one of your own party members. Sleeping restores a little bit of HP and SP every turn in battle. Get into an easy battle, put them to sleep, kill every enemy except one, and guard with everyone else. Your SP will be restored to maximum in no time.

Where Can I Get Lockpicks?

At first, it seems like there are way too many locked chests to open without wasting a ton of time making lockpicks. Luckily, there is a solution. If you can nab yourself an aluminum sheet and liquid mercury from Mementos, you can create an unbreakable lockpick that can be used an infinite amount of times.

How Do I Sneak Past Enemies Without Attacking Them?

Many people are getting frustrated by Persona 5’s cover system. It allows you to teleport from cover to cover without being seen by the enemy, but if an enemy crosses your path in the process you will initiate a pre-emptive attack instead of teleporting past it to your next cover location. This can be a pain when you are out of SP and making a mad dash to the palace’s end.

What Persona 5 doesn’t tell you, is that it has traditional cover rules as well. So if an enemy is in your path, you can just sneak past it by walking slowly and sticking to the shadows. Then snap to your next cover location and you are good to start cover teleporting again.

I’m Broke! What Do I Do?

Everything in Persona 5 costs money. In fact, in our original tips and tricks article we mentioned that you absolutely have to prioritize money above all else. If you find yourself randomly broke, then try these steps to get the cash flowing again.

  1. Sell all your loot. Loot items have no use other than getting you cash.
  2. Sell old weapons and armor. You never need these once you have found a suitable upgrade.
  3. Sell restorative items. Resurrection and SP restore items fetch a pretty penny.
  4. If you honestly don’t have enough money after all of this, hit up a dungeon.

Whatever you do, do not work part-time jobs for cash. While working a job is a great way to up your stats or unlock confidants, the cash reward you get is pitiful compared to the amount of cash you can get in a dungeon for the same time expenditure.

The Main Character’s Personas Take Forever to Level Up. How Do I Fix This?

While supporting characters follow a more traditional JRPG system of leveling up and learning new skills, the main character really doesn’t. Most of the personas he can equip can only learn 2 or 3 skills, and their stats rise incredibly slowly. Not to mention that they take far more time to level-up than any of the supporting characters.

This is because the main character isn’t meant to level-up in a traditional way. Instead, his major “level-ups” come through fusing new personas. Performing a new fusion could bump up your strength a good ten levels or more, depending on your recipe, and each new fused persona comes with totally new skills to use. In short, if you aren’t fusing personas, you are doing it wrong.

Why Can’t I Find a Target in Mementos?

You may find yourself looking forever in Mementos for a target that just won’t show up. That’s because targets aren’t guaranteed to show up in Mementos just because you have a new quest. In order to get the target to show up, you need to know their name, which means you’ll have to talk with NPCs and gather information before making your Mementos run.

You also might be in the wrong layer of Mementos. You can see what targets are in what layers on the Mementos Overview. Make sure to teleport to the correct layer or else you will just pass your target by. This is incredibly common when you dive into Mementos late in the game, but still have unresolved early game requests.

What Consequence Is There For Returning a DVD Late?

None! Even though the game loves to remind you about your late rentals, your late fee will be waived every time. No wonder Blockbuster went out of business.

What Purpose does Laundry Serve?

Early in the game, you will be able to spend time doing your laundry, but it doesn’t appear to do anything. What it actually does is turn “dirty” or “tarnished” gear into usable gear. This gear tends to be a little bit better than what you can buy in the shop, but usually not good enough to warrant spending time on it. However, if you have advanced far enough in the Temperance arcana to have your personal maid do your laundry without spending any time, by all means clean that gear off!

How Do I Get the True Ending?

Alright, so this section is going to have some pretty hefty spoilers. Before we get into them, let me just say that it’s very, very, easy to get the true ending. The game actually warns you if you are about to make a decision that will set you off the true ending path. But some have said it’s easy to miss these warnings, so I’ll outline how to get every ending in the game for you.

First, there are a ton of bad endings. To see these, all you have to do is let your time run out. There is a different ending for each deadline, but I suggest viewing these on a second New Game + run, since attempting to see them all and still figure out a way to move onward when reloading your save will screw with your schedule in ways that will be hard to overcome. These all count as “bad ending #1” though they are all unique, so I do suggest watching them all at some point.

You can also get a different bad ending by choosing poorly during your interrogation. If you sell out your friends or attempt to make a deal with the enemy, you’ll trigger bad ending #2.

Bad ending #3 (and this is where the massive spoilers come in) can be triggered when Igor reveals himself as a fake. He will attempt to make a deal with you, allowing you to live but at the cost of your friends lives. Taking this deal triggers the bad ending.

To get the good ending, just don’t do any of those things. It’s that simple. Play the game normally and heed the warnings that tell you when you are about to make a mistake and you’ll end up at the good ending.

But, you are interested in the “true” ending. Well, here’s a secret… there is no true ending. You can get a couple of extra scenes and experience some extra content by reaching the end of Mementos by 12/22, but the actual ending itself is very similar to the good ending.

Any Questions?

That’s all the questions and answers we have for you today. If you are playing Persona 5 and have a question that wasn’t answered here, feel free to ask it in the comments and we will do our best to answer.