A Pathfinder RPG video game is under development from Owlcat Games

Owlcat Games, a relatively new video game development studio whose members have a strong background working on various RPG and MMO titles, has announced its first official project: a video game set in Paizo Inc.’s iconic Pathfinder pen-and-paper RPG setting called Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

According to a press release from Owlcat, Kingmaker will allow players to explore the world of Pathfinder through an isometric 3D viewpoint as they create their own character, build up a party of followers, and work through a story that is centered around the infamous Pathfinder region known as the Stolen Lands. The game’s Kingmaker title will also come into play as players eventually claim lordship over specific in-game regions and choose how they want to run their kingdom, adding a global system that can have far-reaching consequences on top of standard RPG adventuring and combat.

Prolific RPG developer Chris Avellone (who has worked on many classic RPG titles such as Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) is also helping Owlcat with the development of Kingmaker, ensuring that it will be a game that fans of both the Pathfinder setting and of RPGs in general will be watching closely.

A release date for Pathfinder: Kingmaker hasn’t yet been announced, but interested fans can sign up for email updates over at the game’s official website.