Paragon’s latest update includes the new healer hero Phase

Epic Games has released a massive new update for its action-oriented MOBA Paragon titled ‘Age of Intellect’ which includes, among other things, a new hero named Phase.

Phase is a Growth/Intellect hero who specializes in healing and supporting her teammates. Using her telepathic abilities, she can aid her allies in battle and, as you can see in the below reveal trailer, use a few sneaky tricks on her enemies as well. Also included in the Age of Intellect update are balancing tweaks for 15 different existing heroes, a slew of changes for in-game ability cards, a new ‘Novaborn’ skin for the hero Greystone, and new methods for earning weekly rewards which should help cut down on the grind.

To celebrate the launch of Age of Intellect, Epic has activated double XP all week long and is granting a special “So Sorry” banner to all players who play at least 10 games before May 23. More information on the event can be found here.