Overwatch’s upcoming League skins will have their own currency

Blizzard has confirmed that the newly formed Overwatch League e-sports association will be getting its own series of themed character skins, and said skins will be purchasable with a new kind of currency to ensure proceeds from skin sales go towards supporting Overwatch League teams.

According to the official Overwatch League Twitter account, character skins which are themed around the League’s various teams will start showing up in Overwatch proper early next year. Overwatch League skins will reportedly be available for purchase using a new form of premium currency which are aptly called Overwatch League tokens, and the new currency type is meant to help Blizzard better track revenue earned from token sales and thus more accurately distribute it amongst the different participating teams.

More specific details such as how much Overwatch League tokens will cost and whether the League skins will also be earnable via in-game means have yet to be laid out, but Blizzard did confirm that any Overwatch players who log into the game within a month of the Overwatch League’s official launch will be gifted enough tokens to purchase a single League skin.