Overwatch’s second Halloween event brings new skins and more

Blizzard has officially kicked off the second annual iteration of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, and this time around there are brand new character skins to collect, map variants to enjoy, and PvE mode variants to try out.

First off, last year’s Halloween Terror skins can naturally be once again found in the event’s Halloween Loot Boxes (or crafted if you’ve been saving up your in-game credits), and a series of eight brand new skins are also available. All of the new skins are Legendary quality and you’ll need a whopping 3,000 credits just to craft one of them. The new skins include the following:

  • Viking Torbjorn
  • 80’s Neon Zarya
  • Dracula Reaper
  • Van Helsing McCree
  • Cultist Zenyatta
  • Vampire Doll Mei
  • Pirate Ana
  • Dragon Symmetra

Along with the new and returning skins, both the Eichenwalde and Hollywood maps have gotten a spooky makeover, and the Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE mode has returned with two different sub-modes: the default version from last year and a new endless version which tasks players with seeing how long they can survive while utilizing an expanded character roster.

The second iteration of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event will last until November 2 so be sure to hop in and get your scare on while you can.