Overwatch’s New Horizon Lunar Colony Map arrives next week

Blizzard has recently announced that Overwatch will be getting a new map next week called Horizon Lunar Colony. The map has been available for testing on the Overwatch public test server for the past couple of weeks, and now the map is ready to be added to the main game. 

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault-type map that, like all maps in Overwatch, is tied to the game’s extensive lore. The map is set on a moon base that served as an experimental colony to see how well humans and apes would fare in space. Things went south when the genetically modified gorillas in the lunar base revolted against their human caretakers, leaving the moon base abandoned ever since.

Blizzard has released a short behind-the-scenes video showing the process that went into creating Horizon Lunar Colony. The map expands upon what was shown in the “Recall” animated short, which shows the origin story of the scientist gorilla, Winston. The map will include many details pertaining to Winston’s backstory and his role in the Overwatch world.

Being that Horizon Lunar Colony takes place on the moon, it’s no surprise that there’s a low-gravity section on the map as well. The low-gravity feature is limited to the outdoor area to maintain the competitive integrity of the map.

Horizon Lunar Colony will go live in Overwatch on June 20th. Check out Blizzard’s new Map Preview video for a closer look at the map and how it was made.