Overwatch’s Mercy sees huge changes

Say goodbye to your clutch, 5-player resurrects, Mercy players.

In the latest update to hit the Overwatch public test realm, support hero Mercy has received a fundamental change to her abilities, removing her Resurrect ultimate.

Instead there's a brand new ability, Valkyrie, which allows her to fly while boosting her healing and damage beams in both range and power.

Valkyrie doesn’t stop there, however. It also allows her beam to split between multiple targets, increasing the range of Guardian Angel, and also boosting her pistol damage.

Fans of revivals should fret not, however, as Ressurect will now be one Mercy’s standard abilities, at the price of a 30-second cooldown and limited to a single target.

In a new developer update, Jeff Kaplan discusses the changes, explaining that the team weren’t happy that the current meta encouraged Mercy to hide out of site until a full-team rez could be landed. Given that she's a primary healing character, the Overwatch team want to encourage Mercy players to be more involved in the action and reward a more skillful play style.

Mercy has maintained popularity as one of the game's most-played heroes, and as such the team expects a great deal of feedback on these changes, so we can expect a number of variations to be tested before a comfortable balance is found.