Overwatch’s ‘Wasted Land’ comic is available for reading right now

For you Overwatch lore junkies out there, a brand new comic is now available for viewing, a comic that focuses on the game’s loveably destructive duo Junkrat and Roadhog.

The comic, which is titled ‘Wasted Land,’ sees Junkrat and Roadhog venturing back to their home turf, the ramshackle city Junkertown (which also happens to be Overwatch’s newest in-game map). There, they meet up with old friends and enemies as they set out to resolve some unfinished business and, hopefully, make it out alive. You can read ‘Wasted Land’ in its entirety over at the official Overwatch website.

In other Overwatch news, the winger healer Mercy is set to receive some drastic changes soon, changes that include major tweaks to her existing abilities as well as a brand new ultimate.