One Street Fighter V stage will be banned in upcoming tournaments

Of all the elements to be banned from a fighting game during competitive play, one of said game’s stages probably wouldn’t be the first thing you think of but that’s exactly what’s happening for upcoming Street Fighter V tournaments.

Street Fighter V recently got a new stage called “Skies of Honor” which involves the two fighters duking it out on top of an old WWII-style airplane as it cruises through the skies of Dubai. It’s an interesting concept since it means the background of the stage is constantly shifting, yet that same shifting is also very distracting, something which isn’t good when you’re in the middle of a competitive match. Even worse, some players have even said they suffered minor bouts of motion sickness when playing on the stage, and pro player Keoma M. Pacheco even singled the stage out specifically in a recent blog post.

Because of this, Capcom recently tweeted that the Skies of Honor stage will not be used in both the upcoming Capcom Cup 2016 tournament and next year’s Capcom Cup 2017 season. It may sound a little silly to ban the one element of a match which has no direct gameplay effect on the outcome of the match, but when you need to have your concentration honed to a razor edge in order to win (as high-level competitors often do), you really can’t leave anything to chance.