Fallout 4

Nuka-Cola Quantum returns to Target this week

If your Fallout 4 binge sessions just aren’t complete without the smooth, refreshing taste of Nuka-Cola, you’ll be happy to hear that Target is bringing the real-life version of the Fallout universe’s favorite soda for an encore run this week.

Nuka-Cola Quantum, a Fallout-themed repackaging of Jones Soda’s berry lemonade flavor, is returning to retail Target stores starting this week according to the official Fallout Twitter account. You can stock up on bottles of the delicious blue beverage for $2.99 a pop (bottle caps are sadly not accepted as a valid form of currency), or snag a bottle for free if you purchase either a copy of Fallout 4 or its season pass from a participating Target store.

The initial run of Nuka-Cola Quantum hit Target shelves in early November and, as you can imagine, quickly sold out. Whether or not Jones Soda produced a bigger batch for the encore run is unknown for now, but just to be safe, you should hit up your nearest Target as soon as possible if you want to grab a few bottles for yourself.