No Man’s Sky’s 1.38 patch adds in an overhauled save system

Hello Games has been steadily releasing a series of smaller patches for No Man’s Sky ever since the game’s big Atlas Rises update arrived in August. However, the latest patch, a patch which brings the game up to version 1.38, actually has some pretty noticeable changes, most significantly in regards to the save game system.

Here’s how the new save system will work according to the patch 1.38 notes:

  • You will now be presented with 5 save-game slots (each of which can be used for any game mode). Your existing saves will be mapped into these slots
  • Selecting an empty slot will start a new game, allowing you to then pick which game mode to play from the mode select menu
  • There are now two sub-slots for each save-game – one for automatic saves and one for manual saves.
  • Automatic saves occur when exiting your ship, dying, purchasing a Freighter or claiming a base
  • Manual saves occur when interacting with a save point (these can be built from the build menu), or a beacon found on planet surfaces
  • Starting a new game with no existing saves will take you directly to mode select

While the new save system is undoubtedly the highlight of patch 1.38, the full patch notes are definitely worth a look-through since the 1.38 update also has a long list of miscellaneous changes and bug fixes. Patch 1.38 is live now for both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of No Man’s Sky.