Nioh’s third and final DLC, Bloodshed’s End, launches this month

Team Ninja and Sony have announced that Bloodshed’s End, the third and final DLC pack for Team Ninja’s hardcore Samurai RPG Nioh, will officially arrive on September 26.

As was the case with Nioh’s two previous DLC packs, Dragon of the North and Defiant Honor, Bloodshed’s End will continue the Nioh storyline via a series of new main missions, side missions, and Twilight missions. The DLC will also include new Guardian Spirits to earn, new Yokai enemies to face, a new difficulty level to master, and more (a new weapon type wasn’t confirmed in the initial announcement, but fans shouldn’t rule the possibility out just yet).

The most interesting new feature to be included in Bloodshed’s End, however, is a brand new mode called The Abyss. According to Team Ninja, The Abyss will allow the most skilled players to test themselves in a perpetual battleground that will play host to epic battles and unique challenges. Team Ninja says it will have more to share about The Abyss prior to the launch of Bloodshed’s End.

The third DLC pack is being marked as “the end of William’s journey,” so sadly it doesn’t sound like Team Ninja has plans to continue supporting Nioh with DLC beyond Bloodshed’s End. However, from the sounds of it, this third and final DLC will ensure Nioh has one hell of a sendoff.