Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC launches on May 2

Team Ninja has announced the first story expansion for its hit Samurai RPG Nioh, titled Dragon of the North, will launch on May 2.

According to a recent post on the European PlayStation Blog, Dragon of the North will add in an entire new region called the Oshu Region for players to explore. A new series of story missions found in the Oshu Region will focus on the region’s ambitious ruler, Masamune Date, and there will be new Yokai enemies for players to take on as well. Fortunately, players will also be able to collect new armor, skills, magic, Guardian Spirits, and a brand new weapons type, the Odachi (basically a large, two-handed katana), to help them battle these new threats.

Dragon of the North will be free for those who own Nioh’s season pass and it will also be available as a standalone $9.99 purchase. Nioh is available now for PlayStation 4.