Nidhogg 2 Guide: Weapons, unarmed fighting, and more

In the original Nidhogg  you only ever had a rapier to fight with, but Nidhogg 2 changes all of that. It gives you four weapons to use, each with their own special uses and properties, and you will cycle through the different options with each death, so you'll need to master them all.

Unlike Nidhogg, which was largely a test of reflexes and reactions, in Nidhogg 2 understanding how to use your weapons is the key to surviving. Here's what you need to know in order to win and, most impoirtantly, grant your flesh to the great serpent.

General Tips

  • Don’t chase the opponent for long periods of time. It’s very difficult to run the opponent down, and most of the time you save more time and distance by running off the edge of the screen and respawning.
  • If you are ducking a projectile, roll. It allows you to keep close to the ground while staying in motion.
  • If the opponent is blocking high, remember you can sweep by attacking from a roll. This will knock them down and usually sets you up for a kill.
  • Don’t go crazy with jump kicks. They were phenomenal in Nidhogg but they are far more vulnerable in Nidhogg 2.
  • Prioritize distance at all times. If you don’t have to fight the opponent, then don’t engage them. You don’t win by killing the opponent, you win by reaching the goal.


The unarmed stance of Nidhogg 2 has changed a lot compared to the first game. Instead of fisticuffs, unarmed attackers use powerful kicks. These are far more effective than you might think.

Your kicks can disarm opponents by clashing into their weapons. Getting close enough to an opponent allows you to “throw” them, which is really just an insta-kill technique. Crouching and attacking allows you to sweep an opponent, which either lets you get distance stay behind and set up a kill. You can also jump-kick, which knocks both players down, but disarms your opponent and gives you an opportunity to either grab a weapon or confront your opponent in a neutral game.

While you are unarmed you are at a disadvantage, provided the opponent has another weapon. They will out range out in every circumstance.  The only advantage you have is speed. You run faster than any armed opponent, so if your opponent is on your tail, throw your weapon away for the final push toward your goal.


The rapier is the basic weapon of Nidhogg 2 and it operates the same way Nidhogg’s rapier did. It has three stances, high, mid, and low, and clashes with any weapon held at that height except the broadsword. Switching stances and colliding with a weapon as you do so will allow you to disarm your opponent and usually get in a kill strike.

The rapier is the weapon you want to be using if you want to stick around and fight for a while. It outranges every other weapon in the game except for the bow and arrow. Its ability to quickly disarm the opponent makes it perfect for gimmicks and tricks. If you don’t have a strategy in mind then aiming to pick up a rapier is always a good idea.


The broadsword, unlike the rapier, only has two stances, high and low, making it vulnerable to mid-level strikes. It also swipes in large arcs as opposed to stabbing directly forward. It’s slow and clunky, but it does have one massive advantage: it automatically disarms any weapon it clashes with. It’s a horrible weapon to throw, however, and it slows you to a snail’s pace when you are carrying it.

The broadsword is a fantastic defensive weapon. In fat it’s the best defensive weapon in the game. When using the broadsword, you don’t want to be moving. Instead, you want to stop, plant your feet, and wait for your opponent to come to you. Then you want to play the range game. Keep your opponent outside of your range and swing your weapon hoping to hit theirs. If you succeed, your opponent will be rendered defenseless, an easy target for a melee swing.

However, I actually suggest you throw away your broadsword when possible. Even though it’s likely the most powerful weapon in the game, it also impedes your progress, and it’s progress that will eventually win you a match. In short, the broadsword is used to stop an opponent from taking initiative, but not to gain initiative yourself.


At first glance the dagger seems useless. It has very little range and for the most part operates exactly like the rapier. Why would anyone want to use a dagger when you could use a rapier instead?

There are a couple reasons. First, the dagger is the fastest weapon in the game. It affects your run speed the least and strikes your opponent the fastest. It also doesn’t impair your momentum as much as a sword does, allowing you to make insanely aggressive lunging strikes.

The dagger is also the best throwing weapon in the game. It flies absurdly fast and is hard to block. Throwing one of these pre-emptively is a good way to kill the opponent as they spawn.

In general, you want to strike fast with the dagger, faster than your opponent can react. The dagger isn’t meant for prolonged fights filled with parries. It’s meant to get a kill and then send you off running.

Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow is the strangest weapon in Nidhogg 2’s new lineup. It doesn’t attack immediately. Instead you have to string an arrow with the attack button and release it to let it fly. It has no short range capability whatsoever. What it does have is infinite projectiles. It’s also the only projectile weapon that can be used from a low stance.

In general you want to keep your distance with the bow and arrow at all times. Always have an arrow ready and fire it as soon as you see your opponent, or better yet fire it at where you think they will spawn. If your opponent ends up predicting your shots, then your best choice is to fire an arrow and throw your bow shortly thereafter. Throwing a bow doesn’t kill the opponent but does knock them down. This gives you plenty of time to put distance between you, if you are on the offensive. Otherwise, it’s just a good way to keep your opponent on the defensive, rather than making their own attacks.

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