funko fallout 4 holiday sale

Newegg offering free shipping on Funko figures

It's a Funko invasion! If you're not familiar with the square-headed awesomeness that is Funko, you're in for a treat. Around the GameCrate HQ, Funko toys have become a kind of permanent infestation, taking over desks like swarms of tiny adorable locusts, staring at you with their tiny adorable eyes. I'm thinking of replacing my keyboard with more Funkos. 

Anyway, Newegg (the company behind GameCrate) is offering some killer deals on Funkos right now. And you can use “FUNKOFREESHIP25” to get free shipping on orders over $25! I have my eye on the whole Fallout 4 collection. And Game of Thrones. And OG Star Wars. And, well, some say I have a Funko problem but I can quit anytime I want, I swear. Check out all the entire insane collection and do what I'm doing by making it a Funko Christmas for the whole family.