New Street Fighter V update will further punish rage-quitters

Capcom is taking Street Fighter V down for maintenance today, and during said maintenance, it will apply a new update which will include stricter penalties for those who rage-quit during online matches.

According to a new post on the Capcom Unity blog, the August 16 update will make it so that those who prematurely quit out of an online match before it is concluded will be docked League Points and won’t be able to queue up for another online match for a certain period of time. Capcom also promises that additional refinements will be made to the rage-quitter penalty system in future updates, and that an even more robust and in-depth system for catching and punishing rage-quitters should be in the game by early next year.

The blog post also outlined an update which is coming to Street Fighter V next month. The September update will introduce a “Double Fight Money” event, daily challenges which award Fight Money upon completion, a “VS CPU” option for certain modes, and more.