New Street Fighter V Beta launching this month

Street Fighter V continues to build up steam towards its spring 2016 release, and, along with confirming the previously teased Laura, the company has announced when it will be kicking off its next beta for the game.

The next beta will run globally from October 22 through 25, and both PC and PS4 users will be able to engage in cross-platform battles on the 24th and 25th. "This is a first for us and we are very excited for players across both platforms to finally have a chance to battle one another," said the company.

Unfortunately, the roster will be a bit limited this time around, as players can choose from Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika, as well as Rashid on the 23rd and Karin on the 24th. All other fighters, including the just-announced Zangief, will not be available.

Ranked matchmaking, leaderboards, and player search will also be available, and Fight Money will also be on hand, so a number of items can be purchased, including the rumored Kanzuki Estate stage.

Look for the game's full release in early 2016. Check out the Laura reveal trailer below: