New Rainbow Six Siege update paves the way for loot drop system

Rainbow Six Siege will soon be getting in-game loot drops called Alpha Packs, and the game’s latest update, which brings it up to version 2.1.1, helps set the stage for the upcoming Alpha Packs implementation.

According to this new post on the Rainbow Six Siege website, players will have a chance of earning an Alpha Pack at the end of each match. Each Alpha Pack will contain a random assortment of cosmetic items like operator gear or weapon skins, and Ubisoft also confirmed that the potential contents of Alpha Packs include exclusive Legendary items and seasonal offerings like Black Ice weapon skins. Patch 2.1.1 also includes fixes for bugs that were affecting Hibana’s X-KAIROS launcher, changes to the Kanal map to prevent spawn killing, and a fix for certain walls in the Coastline map not reacting properly to destruction.

It’s important to note that Alpha Packs aren’t yet live in Rainbow Six Siege, patch 2.1.1 has merely laid the groundwork for their eventual implementation at a later date. That later date hasn’t yet been announced, but Ubisoft says it will be doing a staggered release to ensure the rollout goes smoothly.