New Hunt: Showdown dev diary shows how immersive the game’s world will be

In its latest dev diary for Hunt: Showdown, developer Crytek discusses how the game’s level design was purposefully built to draw the players in and reward them for actively paying attention to how a match evolves over time.

According to this new dev diary post and its accompanying video, there won’t be any scripted “jump scare” moments in Hunt: Showdown. Instead, each match will use a series of random variables to determine where and when AI spawn, leading to dynamic moments where players can capitalize on decisions and mistakes that other players make. For example, there are several ways to open locked doors (some of the more obvious than others), but trying to force a door open often makes a lot of noise, giving away your position.

You can watch the full video dev diary below. Hunt: Showdown doesn’t yet have a solid release date, but judging by what’s shown in the video, it’s definitely coming along nicely.