New Custom V-System Mechanics Datamined from Street Fighter V

When Street Fighter V’s latest character Menat was released, she came with a small patch. It didn’t seem to do much other than make her available to play and introduce a couple new costumes.

So we thought.

Renowned Street Fighter dataminer X-Kira has discovered that quite a bit has changed under the hood. New files were discovered that may point toward new mechanics in Street Fighter V’s season three, rumored to be called “Super Street Fighter V.”

First of all, files corresponding with new super moves for each character were found. This corresponds with a previous rumor that said Capcom would likely give each character a new super art in season 3, since many characters’ supers currently go unused. The files simply referenced each character’s current super with version 2 tacked on the end.

In addition to these version 2 supers (which, by the way, are just placeholder files for now), additional files were found for “version 2” v-triggers, v-reversals, and v-skills.

This means that Capcom may be introducing an entirely new v-system to the game.

The V-System

For those of you who may not know, the v-system defines a character’s core mechanics and gimmicks. It’s what lets Ryu parry and Necali go Super Saiyan.

Like super arts however, certain characters do not utilize their v-skills, v-triggers, or v-reversals at all, instead relying on their base set of normal and specials. Adding another set of these mechanics could introduce some serious variation into the game. It’s a welcome change considering many pros have said the game is stagnating.

Here’s something else: X-Kira found that the game’s JSON file now include what are essentially toggles for all of these v-system elements. That means that, theoretically, a character could use any combination of super art, v-trigger, v-skill, and v-reversal, mixing and matching old and new abilities. This would completely change the game, giving each character 16 different possible mechanical permutations and making matchups much more interesting.

Concerns in the Community

For the most part, this rumor has been well received by the community. However, tournament organizers have stressed some concern. If every character’s super, v-skill, v-trigger, and v-reversal are completely customizable, then that would add quite a bit of time to the character selection process. It also makes it much more difficult to establish “blind picks” for first patches. This would be alleviated if all v-system elements were connected; i.e. you have to choose either your original v-system or new v-system all at once. This would have a far smaller impact on the meta, but the current data leak doesn’t point toward it working that way.

Another concern that has been floating around the community is Super Street Fighter V’s eventual balance. Balance issues have plagued vanilla Street Fighter V since its launch. Adding new variations to every character is bound to exacerbate that problem. If this is being done because certain characters under-utilize their mechanics, then it’s also likely that many characters will simply ignore their older v-systems and supers. This will eventually create a meta where every character has a “best” setup, which leaves us right where we started.

There is precedent for this in the Street Fighter franchise, considering that’s exactly what happened with Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Every character could choose between three super arts in this game, but most characters had an obvious best choice. While allowing players to customize all aspects of their v-system will introduce far more variance than Third Strike did, it’s entirely possible that every character will eventually have their own obvious best choice in Street Fighter V as well.

Does it Matter?

The bigger question is “will balance even matter?”

Capcom is obviously trying to reinvigorate interest in Street Fighter V after its lukewarm launch. While the game might become more imbalanced in the short run, giving lesser played characters a chance to shine might be worth it. This release of “Super Street Fighter V” might get fighting game fans that missed the game’s first release to give it a try.

This isn’t the only system rumored to change in Super Street Fighter V. Prior datamining efforts have revealed an arcade mode, an event battle mode, a barrel bonus stage, a new graphic for EX flashes, a possible Evil Ryu transformation mechanic for Ryu, and much more. It looks as though it could be worth the investment if the game were to get a full re-release.

Then again, Capcom said they would not be re-releasing SFV in an interview shortly after the game’s initial release. In that case, it’s likely that Super Street Fighter V will merely be a DLC season, like any other, yet might be released as a “bundle pack” for players who haven’t tried the game yet. Either way, we are unlikely to see any major changes to the game until the Capcom Cup concludes.

Expect more news about this upcoming season in mid-to-late December.